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Much more than an accessory
It looks so good to engage in something! When we design in RUW, we do it thinking in its function, beyond a mere fashion accessory.
Here we show you the latest incorporation to the family. We have called it thinking of them, because it is what we feel.
This is an accessory that has been especially created for Intermón Oxfam, which gives a percentage of its sales to development programmes. This bag has a functional design and uses the pattern of PVC banners from the last edition of “Día de la esperanza” that organizes Intermón Oxfam each year to claim that “a different world is possible”, an affirmation that RUW has adopted as its own since its conception, working to make it real.


RUW, aware of the increasing wave of violence in the family, wants to fight against this problem that hovers over our modern society.

We have done it with the creation of a bag that declares itself against violent attitudes that affect the cohabitation in couples and among members of the family.

That’s enough violence and death!

We think eve that this problem affects us all and, as a supportive brand, we strongly believe that we should denounce all kinds of violence without exception. That’s why our bag has this design, with a giant zip that cannot be closed. This element symbolizes the end of the silence; the silence that we all have to break.

From the sales of this bag, a percentage, two euros to be precise, will be given to Asociación EMI against violence in the family. It is an people’s association that works at a local level, in the city of Sant Boi de Llobregat.

Famous people like Belinda Whasington, Pablo Martín, Anne Igartiburu, David Civera and many others already carry this bag. They are people who, in their daily behaviour, show a big commitment with socially fair causes.

If you want to show your solidarity and collaborate with the Asociación EMI, you buy in authorised points of sale, you’ll find this model that, like the rest of the collections, will cheer you up.


Using as raw materials the advertising flags of the last 59th edition of La Fira de la Purissima of Sant Boi, designed by Philip Stanton, RUW signed an agreement of collaboration with the Stanton Studio to create a limited edition of 1600 shoulder bags, especially attractive because of their bright colours. We want to thank Philip for his collaboration in this new edition of RUW. He shows, once more, his personal engagement with solidarity projects. Thank you very much, Philip!
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RUW reasserts in “the faith in fundamental human rights, in dignity and the value of people, in equal opportunities for men and women and in every nation, both big and small”. For this reason, RUW wanted to cooperate to solve international problems of economic, social, cultural or humanitarian nature, and to develop and encourage the respect for human rights and the fundamental freedom for everyone, regardless of race, gender, language or creed.

This bag has the advantage of funding some projects from this well-known NGO and, at the same time, it is an identifier of people who act in consequence and respect the “United Nations Charter”.

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