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Ruw with social programs for the integration of children without families.


Living in a home, stable, safe and loving is just a dream for millions of children. Read more

Ruw consolidates relationships with Cecilia Evouna


Cecilia travel to Yaundee, to engage in blind children abandoned host and offer an alternative. Read more

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 Amnistia internacional

 Intermón Oxfam


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 Aldeas infantiles

RUW, recycled bags from friendly fashion for people with principles.

When a hat helps a seed to grow and a recycled handbag defends people’s rights, we are talking about sustainable and friendly fashion. We are talking about RUW BARCELONA.


Green essence

Welcome to RUW BARCELONA website, where you will find all our range of recycled bags and recycled handbags, or you will be able to know more about a completely sustainable and friendly fashion brand in its function, principles and corporative philosophy. Ruw BARCELONA, produces and commercializes ecodesign handbags out of recycled materials, allocating a very important part of the profits to help associations and NGOs in their social and humanitarian tasks.

Freshness multifunctional

We invite you to visit the RUW Fashion section and be seduced by the freshness of our bags and other accessories with exclusive patterns. You can have them for your free time, for the office or even for a daytrip… It’s a fashion that you are going to wear knowing for sure that it has been produced thanks to a clean and fair manufacturing process that promotes the reutilization.


Matter of principle

However in RUW we also want to contribute positively in all the society and so we take part in projects, solidarity actions and initiatives for de defence of the human rights with different institutions and NGOs, which devote themselves to making this world a better place for everybody. We also contribute to the development of projects at a local level in the aspects of environment and solidarity. Nowadays we help SOS Aldeas Infantiles offering opportunities to catalan children without home, and we collaborate with Intermón Oxfam in their projects to help underprivileged local communities.

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