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“Life is a box of chocolate you never know what you might get” Forrest Gump
All RUW products are exclusive and have different patterns. They are manufactured according to aesthetic guidelines that comply with the latest fashion.

33 x 46 x 8 cm.
Recycled bag with carries for a laptop. Specially designed for modern people, solidary and socially responsible. The consumer sees in it a bold and sophisticated fashion bet, fully prepared for everyday use.
Garment bag and well padded reinforced. It has many internal pockets and dividers for the mouse, charger, keypad, etc..

32 x 41 x 12 cm.
Recycled bag to carry the laptop. Sleek and designed for urban living, goes to a new generation of socially committed young entrepreneurs who do not give up the distinction of a recycled product. The interior is well organized to accommodate the mouse, battery charger, documents, pens, etc..
Limited edition of 200 units. Do not leave without it!

29 x 40 cm.
Modern and feminine recycled bag of work that you can put on the shoulder, either by its two handles or adjustable shoulder strap that leads inside. Its precise dimensions will allow you to accommodate any type of document to always keep it pristine and untouched.
Limited edition of 200 units.

29 x 38 cm.
This messenger recycled bag is what you expect if you are looking to organize those papers of university, work, you have to wear all day from one location to other. If it sobriety conquers you, its agility will convince even more. Large front flap closes with two velcro strips and have two pockets, one outside and one inside. This is your best choice!

22 x 30 cm.
Strap maded recycling of the banners from last year's Barcelona show "The Brandery." This austere and perfectly cut shoulder topped with scraps of trim, destiny your profits to Children's Villages charity project. As you can see: dress fashion and being supportive is a matter of principle. ! Join the principle RUW!
Limited edition of 200 units.

33 x 34 cm.
It is a flexible recycled bag that can be folded to be stored anywhere because it takes up very little space and has a style specially designed for a dynamic life and city dweller. Its versatility makes it the ideal companion for school, work or for your relaxing moments. The convenient velcro closure adds a practical and relaxed touch in contrast from the original prints banner that RUW reused.

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