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RUW have more than 140 sell points in the world.

A long time before we manufactured our first bag, in RUW we already knew what we wanted: to offer fashion accessories with modern designs in a sustainable manufacturing process, using recycled materials and offering a source of income to artisan workshops based in our national territory.

A question of principles

However, apart form all that, in RUW we also want to contribute positively in all the society and so we take part in projects, solidarity actions and initiatives for de defence of the human rights with different institutions and NGOs, which devote themselves to making this world a better place for everybody. We also contribute to the development of projects at a local level in the aspects of environment and solidarity.
Nowadays we help SOS Aldeas Infantiles offering opportunities to catalan children without home, and we collaborate with Intermón Oxfam in their projects to help underprivileged local communities.

You can find here the list of entities and NGOs that we contribute to. We invite you to visit their websites and have a look at their projects. They are really worth it!

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